The Brief

A couple of young agronomists from Griffith NSW had the idea to build a social networking tool specifically suited to connecting people in agriculture. They came to Square V to help take Yacker from an idea to a reality.

The Outcome

Square V worked with the Yacker team to define the concept and turn it into a fully-fleshed out product - starting by working through a list of use cases and scenarios to define the functionality of the product. This was then turned into a clickable wireframe prototype, which could allow basic interactions and allow in-field testing with friends and family.

Once the prototype was agreed on, the initial version of the Yacker app was built as a Xamarin cross-platform app for iPhones and Android phones - as this product revolves around phone calls, distribution was limited to phones only.

We have already developed a number of new features for Yacker including:

  • Standard social media functionality such as discussion points, likes, comments, links, private groups, photo-embedding
  • Voice-over IP (VOIP) calling to remove the need for phone signal
  • Custom advertising system displaying geo-targeted banner ads to users of the platform

Yacker is still in its infancy, but the platform continues to grow, recently expanding to include New Zealand farmers and ag professionals. Yacker was recently accepted to the Farmers2Founders accelerator, and are working with the F2F team to further develop and grow the product.

Yacker is an ag-focused social network aiming to connect ag industry professionals via phone calls and messages. It's built as a cross-platform app for iPhones and Android phones.

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